15 November 2010

5 weeks till the end of term

doesn't sound a lot to me :S
can't wait till x'mas !!!
and after the holiday, A2 maths, great..........(being very optimistic here)

2nd draft of the poster was done when chatting on skype XDDD

my lovely watch's still missing Q皿Q........wanna cry
please come back to papa asap........cuz at the moment i feel rather depressed without u (wtf it's just a damn watch)
u'll never understand ppl...this watch is so cool that u can't possibly buy it out there these days =_,=
oh well, like mom said, just forget about it and it'll turn up :D

maths mock on wed! i'm so not ready for it so let's fail this woohoo!!!!!! (that's the attitude children)

lol this is supposed to be quite tragic, but there's an element of funniness here (how dare u!?!? he's ur lover)
team souji forever, mwah!