26 February 2011

current time now 2:00am A__A

well i'm not sleepy at all
and if i do sleep now there's only a few hours for me to switch myself off
cuz my flight's at 9:30 so i'm waking up at about 6, pretty damn nice...

half term's over :(
going back 2 the shit place, not happy (as always)
time just passed so quickly, too quickly in fact
watched loads of films (little fockers, true grit, space battleship ヤマト)
and didn't managed to get my work done XDDDDD
just chilling all da time u know........

once i get back i know the hectic moments will apprach straight away
i'm so not ready to be so occupied but that's what school life's all about
that's why i'm planning on staying up late
and enjoy the last moment before i confront all the gad damn school work~~~


packing (joke)

and basara.........(HEY!)