12 March 2011

the end of the world....?! really.....?! =_=

the earthquake of northeast japan is now clearly the biggest topic on news and everything
the short clips of the whole scene shown in news were shocking indeed.......
i'm just not really in the good mood recently, cuz of the unsuccessful interview, and this
i really hope there won't be any worse news about this disaster....

years ago i went to sendai, i was probably in year 4
it was such a beautiful place. pretty different from tokyo
great sunny weather in the countryside (sort of),
people there lived in a tranquil life and that's probably why there was always a strong sense of nostalgia in me
now all the remarkable nature of it is gone..........
some people who lost their lives there could even be the ones i met and made friends with

i know it's hard to cope right now
yes, there are lots of ups and downs in life but no matter how hard it goes it's never the end of story
show the determined attitude that we all know about you
your anal character always leads you to reach your aim regardless of the time taken, this is one thing that i really admire the japanese

lots have lost their love ones and are starting loosing the will to live
but please, you have to stand up again and carry on living for them and your future