1 September 2011


too short man, too short
i mentally not ready to go back yet
because of my piano exam i just had a month of freedom, which is obviously not enough!!!!!!!!

o well haven't updated for ages, sorry about that :D
through this month i had 4 shoots in total, very hardcore that is....
will show the photos on my website later, when i have time
anyway, thank you 雪嵐 for joining my craziness!!

recently went to CW32, met some mate and bought loads of doujin goods!!!!!!!!!
otaku ppl are easily satisfied i tell you XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

i had no proper photos of myself on that day at all, cuz i just didn't bother LOL
here's what i bought A____A

now i'm figuring out my journey from airport to my new hall
studying in a new place is exciting, but this excitement is not in me right now :\
making arrangements of getting my belongings from the old school is a pain in the neck =_____=

this was my last shoot 2 days ago, so much fun man
hate to be honest, but there are 80% KAI PHOTOS XDDDDD
thanks kuro for lending her yukimura stuff to stephz > < !!!!!!!!!!

watched final destination 3D with suya yst
haha wasn't hardcore enough, and ppl's reaction cracked us up LOL
was rather late after the film, but we had dinner anyway

now i need to choose pics to get printed by fotomax
just to decorate my new room over there and i can always think of my mates all da time (troll)