2 October 2011

hiya, october

gosh it's already october!!
time is seriously passing quickly..............
my flatmates and i had an idea of having a cake day every week
mebbe sunday could be the day :P
also we all thought we should cook together at some point!!

a tea i bought from a market in camden
tastes good, and it smells even better!

i just can't wait till it arrives home!! 
(as the shipping fee is way more expensive if this is being delivered to the uk)
i thought i would pre-order their album
cuz by the time i get back home (which is x'mas)
the limited edition will defo be sold out
i can survive by downloading the songs first
before i get to touch, to smell, to feel, to eat the actual thing

it's the end of the 4-week diagnostic course
this week is the time we choose 2 pathways that suit best
without hesitation, i'm going for graphic design and 3D

went to 黑羽's blog and saw this LOL
can't wait to see u in x'mas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (rock)
of course to all of my fds and fam as well ;D