1 November 2011

already november =___,=

late happy halloween
apart from the fact that i didn't get to be in thorpe park's fright night
we had a flat party n it was just great!

my new pal A___A

went to the mcm expo
didn't do a lot really, just went there to basically see what uk events are like
and of course i met my LINE-CHAN (何....?!)

just found this in my folder and thought i should share my 'sexy'  troll-ish face
* the one next to me is 雪嵐 =__,=

i'd better start doing the UCAS application (doh)
yup, here we go again.....................
tmr is gonna be my working day!
imma finish everythg, hopefully :I

looking forward to going to japan, i must say
haven't been there for years
just needa get the tickets sorted tmr and i'll be die happy

right time to do some exercise, push-up time! (rock)