14 December 2012

pre-honeymoon family dinner

here's my sis' wedding ring and i really like the meaning behind its design

this evening went a bit emotional and it gave me flashbacks of her past
i remembered her not having a great life more than a year ago...
then one day she called back home from the uk (she was spending her christmas there) and said William, my bro-in-law now, had proposed to her. stress no more!

i just want to say i'm so happy, that she'd finally found the best man she loved and to be taken care of, after all the previous relationships she cried about for gazillion times.
even though some accident resulted a postponed honeymoon, i hope there isn't too much bits and bobs to be sorted out. forget about the stress for now and enjoy your trip to india in few days time!!

since we're not spending our christmas together this year (again!), they decided to have a mini x'mas dinner in their flat with us just to compensate everything~ i had too much apple crumble, that i'm still burping right now =__,=

that book there is my pressie from william, woop!