22 February 2013

Foodporn attempt

yup, behold my foodporn post.....
i've been taking photos of food but never got to show off some of them properly
since i'm not in the mood to work at the moment......

i had a bit of fun with one of the nigel slater's recipes : chocolate-beet cake
i used beets to replace the scary amount of red food colouring
well i know the colour isn't as attractive, i wish it could be redder too
but it still tasted great. i guess i can afford to cheat a bit next time by adding a little bit of food colouring

here are some oat bars i made.
i used up all the oatmeal i had to make these, and of course i made chocolate and green tea flavoured oat bars :P

first time seeing sake being presented like this!
what it says on the packaging sounds bizzare as well : if it's been translated word by word, it literally mean HD water (or 1080p water xD)