27 March 2011

summer time \o/

in other words, i cab now call back home earlier 8D

why am i so chilled?!?!?
c'mon wake up (slapping myself)!!!!!!!! look how much work you've got man
i know there are tons of work waiting for me to K.O
but i just 0% of motivation....................give me some oil please T__,T

my shoulder ached because of youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!
yea last friday was a the portfolio drop-off  
but it was great to meet lina, who i haven't met for almost half a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for recommanding carluccio's!!!!
that was such a wonderful restaurant (i just love italian fooooooooood)
yep, and bought some goodies for home since everything was so appealing in there :)

after lunch we walked around oxford street
then we saw lots of wierd easter eggs in selfridge's.....including this

at first i thought they were slices of cheese
almost thought it was a mcdonald's cross-over or something (what da.........)

omg this seriously cracked me up XDDDD

2 more weeks and i'm home
but during the hol i have to spend most of my time on maths (sado)................orz|||||||||||||||