31 March 2011

happy april fools day XDDDD

rosa, this shoot is especailly for you (喂

busy days........i'm dedicating my piano practicing time to art....yep 8)
well i'm kinda having fun with my installation piece right now
just need to tweak a little bit and it'll be done tmr \o/

working on my last project of ceramics
got 3 more heads to go, then i can get the moulds done A__A  

wth?! fashion show's the day before my last exam - mechanics
dude i'm already not a maths genius and now you're asking me to be the photographer before my exam...
(the fact that she would pay me is probably a joke)
i'm happy to help but this is now getting very awkward in this case |||||||
i SERIOSULY am struggling with maths, and i doubt the retakes can be any better
don't know what to dooooooooooo, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (running around the same spot)

one more week and i'm home, prrrrrrrrrrrrraise the lord
i seriously need a rest orz||||
after recharging myself i HAVE to work my sicks off for the sack of understanding most of the maths shiz