2 April 2011

done and dusted, not

黎張kuso先XDDDD (喂

phew, my coursework final piece was finished yst
(well might get some more weird bits and bobs at home for this, but yea, u can say it's done now) 
but that's not the end of story


that's me :D
(will clean up the excess glue later ^^")

this reminds me of mcdonalds'.......?

cuz i've got to finish mye xam piece by thurs as well
but it's 100% PS so might take less time than this D8
also my teacher's ordering me a drawing tablet and will arrive by monday \o/
which is gonna help A LOT cuz i don't have one and i had to use the mouse for everything 
gotta get one once i get back home next week A__A

right, gonna do some sketchbook work now as a warm up
then 4 maths papers................oh joy