8 January 2012

my first post in 2012

well firstly, late happy new year :P
sorry there was so much going on, that i didn't really have time to update my blog
x'mas was lovely, and my trip to tokyo was my biggest x'mas present!


also, i got purple hair over x'mas (rock)

was almost having 4 consecutive shoots after i got back home
but suya lost her wig so we canceled the shoot =___,=

instead i had 3~ here are some of my blue exorcist x'mas special photos :D
baking was fun A___A
check out the full album : http://yothere.web.fc2.com/

wasn't so pleased for some......probably becuz i was too tired for the last one and i just didn't look great :I
can't help it really......my x'mas holiday was only 2 weeks long
i had no time to meet up with all of my fds this time (neither doing uni work.....i'm not even joking)

oh well this is pretty much one of the most substantial x'mas i've ever had XDD