29 January 2012

assessment tomorrow!!! ;A;

hello ppl, long time no see!
it is slightly worrying, that there isn't a lot to do before the assessment...which is tomorrow morning for me =__,=
i double-checked my sketchbook and i dun seem to find anything else to add really
maybe i just need a break :\

i'm starting to see improvement through my work and i'm really pleased :3
also i'm glad to be in my class because everyone is so different and  interesting to talk with!
so happy that i chose the right course 8D

funny enough, back to my gothic times starting from the Chinese New Year - a red-themed festival =__,=
cuz of my hair, i think it's safe to stay mostly black all the time
and i've recently bought some new accessories WOOHOO!! \o/

4mm isn't big enough...just realised =__,=||||

awesome necklaces A____A