5 September 2012

just forgot to update for a while :P

i can't believe summer holiday's ending quite soon....
got loads of shit to boast about :P

it was my last day working in RD last friday, and thanks for the cake of hell everyone XDDDD
totally didn't expect you guys to give me a surprise farewell even though i just worked as a summer intern for 2 months, so really, was happy to get to know y'all  and thank you soooooo much for! everything!!!!

not an appropriate decoration but still made me laugh XDDD

when you make japanese green tea dessert, make sure you buy REAL MOCHA POWDER, not the cheap ass shit from taiwan....cuz otherwise you don't get the best colour! just a tip for y'all :P

guess i'll update more later cuz i'm going out for a run soon :D

ROSA's last week in hk

dude i'm so jealous of you having this great change of taking one year off in nagoya D:
i promise i'll uploads our hakuoki shoot asap trust me > <
gotta get flight tickets quite soon cuz otherwise i won't be able to visit you before x'mas =_,=

photo shoots and events

i've been so concerned about looking for flats and arranging my belongings before i head back to london
but i can't exactly work on it twenty-four seven since i'm not in london and there isn't much i can do apart from doing research
so meeting up with friends is one of my ways to relieve stress....
when i'm with them, i just get back to the REAL ET. when i say the REAL ET, it would be meaning the mad patient you know, who's just escaped from a metal hospital.
some parts of photos are too retarded to reveal so i may as wel censor them :P

this was on sunday. glad it wasn't too hot :P
and i love my team so much!!!

note* just showing off me new polaroid camera, in style

cw : the only event i went over summer~
was great to see my friends again :D

now a bunch of drunk butlers

this shoot was 2 months ago. 
still remember seeing baby bats flying around. man they were so cute :3
shiki and ophelia, the best photographers we know :3

imma stop here cuz i don't want this post to be tooooooo long =___,=
will uploads some drawing i did hopefully tomorrow either here or on my online portfolio :D